Martha Carucci


Martha Carucci

Almost everyone knows someone who is affected in some way by addiction. You may see a bum on the street with a brown paper bag and assume that he is an alcoholic. But how about the mom sitting next to you at the PTA meeting or in the stands at her child’s soccer game? She may be just as miserable, if not more so. We all have our struggles and crosses to bear, whether it is depression, anxiety, addiction (of any kind–alcohol, food, drugs, gambling, etc), an abusive relationship, an unhappy marriage–but it’s never too late to turn things around. By owning our story, we have the chance to write the ending. Working on owning my story is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Sobrietease 2: Make It a Double digs deeper into what life without booze looks like for a suburban mother of three who is surrounded by it. In a culture that promotes socializing around the bottle with book clubs that spend more time reading wine labels than actual books, and playground sippy cups filled with something stronger than just juice for moms a life of sobriety is no easy choice. While Carucci swims upstream in the “mommy needs vodka world,” she accepts the challenge with a sense of humor, grace, and overwhelming gratitude.

On the Rocks: Straight Talk about Women and Drinking

Martha is a contributing author to On The Rocks: Straight Talk about Women and Drinking. Existing portrayals of women who drink typically fall into two categories: disturbing stories of women hitting “rock bottom,” resulting in ruined careers, families, and futures, or amusing stories of fun and harmless “girls’ nights out,” with women drinking and overindulging as a temporary escape from a never-ending list of work and family demands. Drawing on original research and extensive interviews with a diverse group of women, author Susan Stewart challenges these stereotypes, revealing women’s complex relationships with alcohol and factors associated with its use.

"We all face challenges in life, and how we choose to handle these can make us stronger. Martha handles her challenge with sobriety by combining humor, emotion and honesty in her writing, making both herself and the reader even stronger."

– Susie Jackson

"Martha’s writing is very much like her; engaging, approachable, charismatic and real. Her humorous stories of life in sobriety have made me laugh, cry, and often, both at once. This book is a treasure-trove of wisdom."

-Mary Bowers

"I’ve been a friend of Bill W. for 30 years. I have had two falls. I’ve been sober for 20 years. I read Mrs. Carucci’s first book and was so impressed. I bought a few copies for friends. She is a warrior against John Barleycorn and is courageously helping those who need it."

-Charles Zdebski

"I have known Martha as a fellow recovering alcoholic since she first got sober and I bought the first copy of the original “Sobrietease” from her. I love her candor and honesty as all of us in recovery battle with our alcoholic minds that work to lure us back to drinking. Her writings reflect the reality of life in recovery."

-Bob Hisel (20 years sober)

"Finally, someone who knows what she’s talking about."


"Martha approaches her life as she does writing this second book – with humor and humility, with grace and honesty and with the hope that she could help just one person who is suffering."

-Joanne Sawczuk

"Martha writes with honesty while sharing the good, bad and ugly through her journey. She shares real-life experiences with her clever wit and raw inspiration. This book is sure to reach others who may not have wanted to reach out for help but feel Martha's story resonates in some way. Knowing they are not alone, her words may encourage them to reach out for guidance and support. Martha's writing is heartfelt and real. Martha is a dynamic, energetic and thoughtful person and writer."

-Delia Sullivan

"I first met Martha Carucci just before she started her recovery journey. I got to know her pretty quickly as she was very open about the everyday struggle with addiction. Her commitment to sobriety expressed in writing is honest, raw and oftentimes humorous. I stand in awe of her strength and look forward to continued inspiration by witnessing her living her best life and generously sharing her story."

-Mary Edwards