It would solve it all, I used to think

To simply pour and pick up a drink

A tall glass, a short glass, I really didn’t care

As long as enough booze was floating in there

The first little taste that touched on my lips

Was followed by many, many more sips

Vodka and soda, tonic and gin

As much and as many as I could fit in

What’s the big deal, I was totally fine

I’d move from the hard stuff right over to wine

Before very long, one glass became four

Another bottle opened to continue the pour

Things seemed so much brighter and lighter and free

I could step far away and not have to be me

An escape, what a treat, what a break from it all

Higher and higher I would build up the fall

My bed was my haven, my solace from life

No pressure, no let downs, no more of the strife

No trying to please, no worry, no cares

No fighting, no fearing or threatening stares

The haven would spin, more often than not

Wishing, again, I hadn’t had that last shot

I’d wake up and wonder what I did, where I was

I had no idea since my brain was just fuzz

My mouth really dry, head pounding and dull

As if someone threw a big brick at my skull

The day would be long, I knew right away

But all who would see me would think I’m okay

All chipper and smiley, no hangover for me

Is what those who saw me would usually see

But those who knew better were used to my game

Though they still couldn’t see through to the guilt and the shame

How long can I go living life in this way

Drinking and wasting every single damn day

You can numb and ignore it for only so long

Then the true test will come to see if you’re strong

Strong enough to be humble, to admit that you know

That the path that you’re on isn’t the right way to go

You’ve finally come to that fork in the road

Struggling and trying to hold on to your load

You throw down your pride at last to the ground

Finally listening to the absence of sound

If you can only be silent, and open your ears

You can now finally start to face all your fears

It’s really quite simple, its hard to believe

That life is no more than a daily reprieve

Admit you are powerless, you’ve lost your control

Of every last bit that remained of your soul

If you’re willing to do this and choose the right path

Someday you might find you’ll be able to laugh

And smile again, in a genuine grin,

Not like in the stupor you used to be in

Many of those who have struggled before

Are right there to help you, they’re holding the door

And the one thing I leave you, my wisdom to share

If you open your heart, your God will be there.