For some reason, things get a little slippery for me around anniversaries.  Many people have told me that they have the same issue. Not sure what it is.  I’m coming up on my two year anniversary on May 28th.  God willing,  I will have made it 730 days, one day at a time, without a drink.    Why, when I can practically taste the sweetness of my accomplishment, would I even entertain the thought of picking up a drink now?   Is it easier to sabotage my own success than have to worry about continuing the daily battle?

When I shared today that I was feeling scared, doubtful and uncertain about whether I had the strength necessary to maintain a sober life, someone told me something that really stuck.   “It’s not about whether you are strong enough.  It’s about whether you are weak enough.  Weak enough to realize that you can’t do this yourself, but that God can.  Weak enough to turn it over.”   It gave me a whole new way to look at things.  It’s okay to be scared.  In fact, it’s good to be scared and show your humility and respect for the fight for sobriety.   I’ve done cocky too.  I got this.  No problem. Somewhere in between there, the happy medium, or as my friend calls it, the right size box, would be nice.

So back to where I was…scared, doubtful and uncertain.  What helps now is going back to basics.  One day at a time.  If I have to, one hour at a time.  Remembering all the things in my life that are so much better now that I am sober.  Thinking about the stupid mistakes I made when I was drinking.  Remembering how good I feel now, physically and emotionally, and how bad I felt before sobriety (I’m gonna call it B.S.).   I don’t want to go back to B.S..  Often when a new year is approaching, people create “In and Out” lists—what is going out of style and what is coming in for the approaching year.  So here is my in and out list, or B.S. vs. A.S. list:

B.S. (OUT)
Low Self-esteem
A.S. (IN)

Which list do you think looks better?    Whether it’s two years, two decades or two hours of sobriety, what separates us is only one second.  The second before we pick up a drink or not.  So in that one single second, pray that you are weak enough.  That’s my plan.